SHPV-L – Siurbimo įrenginys

SHPV-L suction unit is a silent suction source for central vacuum cleaning installations and extraction of welding torches, handheld machines etc. The airflow of the unit is 1000-3000 m3/h depending on the model. Maximum vacuum is 20.000 Pa. SHPV-L has centrifugal two-stage fan with belt drive and the electrical motor integrated in a sound insulated cabinet. The cabinet is equipped with a large service hatch. The fan is mounted on a stand with silencers and is protected with a belt guard. Inlets and outlets are fitted with flexible connections. The engine is cooled because the casing is fitted with inlet and outlet openings for cooling air, which can be connected to the ducting if required. Dust collector must always be placed before the suction unit SHPV-L. Appropriate dust collectors are SDCH-L or SDCC-L. The suction unit may not be used for extraction of explosive gases or liquids. It is designed for continuous operation and can be placed indoors or outdoors, if it is placed with protection from the weather.