SHPS-L – Siurbimo įrenginys

SHPS-L is a quiet and operationally reliable source for point extraction from stationary and mobile machinery and the central vacuum cleaning of medium-heavy dust. SHPS-L has an Air flow of 300-700 m3/h and a vacuum of approximately 20.000-28.000 Pa, depending of model. A direct driven side channel fan is built into a soundproof cabinet of powder coated steel, in color RAL 7044. The cabinet is equipped with a large service hatch. The fan is mounted on a stand with vibration absorber. A dust collector must be installed before suction unit SHPS-L. Suitable dust collectors are SDCH-L or SDCC-L. The suction unit may not be used for extraction of explosive gases or liquids. It is designed for continuous operation and can be placed indoors or outdoors, if it is placed with protection from the weather.