HOSR-EX/-XL – Žarnos rite Ilga, Atex

Hose reel HOSR-EX is ATEX approved and supplied with conducticve vacuum hose. The spring return mechanism, fitted with a ratchet, allows the hose to be held in the correct position. Automatic flow control valve which is activated by the hose. EX microswitch for start/stop of vacuum unit. Wall mounting is standard but can be ordered for ceiling mounting. For other hose lengths, contact us. Supplied with rotating fixture. Can be wall or ceiling mounted. Connection diameter 50 mm. The price includes hose.

The hose reel is a userfriendly and ergonomic product that provides a more efficient cleaning time, as it is always close to hand and fast-started. In addition to being extremely quiet, the construction keeps the hose clean and whole longer, since it rarely, or never, needs to be in contact with the floor. Painted in RAL 9022. The hose has a value of 104 Ω/m and can be used in ATEX zone 22. Ceiling mounting available. The mounting option must be specified when ordering, since a hose reel that is prepared for another mounting can not be modified.