CE-25 – Dulkių siurblys

CE-25 is a high quality plug and play suction unit, with good filter technology. CE-25 is included in series with stationary units for high vacuum. The unit consists of a complete compressed air cleaned cartridge filter, dust container, side channel blower and an electrical/control cabinet. All units are assembled upon delivery and ready to connect the power, compressed air and a pipe system. Comes with a plastic bag in the dust container. Effective automatic filter cleaning by air pulse ensures good suction capacity even at high dust loads. The control cabinet, with starting device, has built-in functions for: start/stop, filter cleaning and terminal strip connection for external start. The unit is equipped with a vacuum valve to ensure cool air to the side channel blower.Cyclone and chassis are made of powder coated steel. Color: RAL 7044. Air flow: <2000m³/h. Max. Underpressure: -30kPa. As an option, the unit can be equipped with a drive with demand control, sound enclosure, HEPA filter on the exhaust side.

The unit is preferably used for: Industrial vacuum cleaning, welding guns/hand tools, grinding dust from building/industrial environment
Dust separation takes place in two steps: Coarse separation in cyclone and fine separation in pleated conical cartridge filter